Network Marketing Strategy for Newbies

A network marketing strategy is what I needed most when I started as a newbie, in probably, one of my most exciting decisions I made.

Network Marketing strategy

My Network Marketing Strategy for beginners

 Network marketing strategy needed! The cry I let out after retiring from 25 years in the Canadian Forces and  “civvy street”. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. In my search, like most who want to work from home, I stumbled into network marketing.

But I joined a health and wellness company. I struggled like most who join network marketing.

You know, make a list of family and friends.

Chase them down and watch them scatter like cockroaches in a infested kitchen after flicking on the light. This was all new to me but I was determined to succeed. 

The opportunity to provide financial freedom not only for me but for my children and grandchildren. It sounded great but the truth is I didn’t really know how to make that happen.

It wasn’t until I became a student of network marketing that I learned, you need a network marketing strategy that included internet marketing in order to be successful both offline and online. And a Strong reason for why

Online Marketing vs Spamming

Below is my network marketing strategy. It may or may not work for you, however after 14 years,  I am having success with my method.

Before I get into my strategy, let me make one thing clear. If you see ads that says “How to make money from home on auto pilot” or “Become an entrepreneur and be a millionaire” those are true marketing statements.

You can work home from and on autopilot. BUT, it takes time, years, a lot of hard work and skill building before you have an automated system.

To become a millionaire is definitely a possibility. The network marketing industry is a 178 billion dollar industry. There are more millionaires in network marketing than any other industry world wide.

If you see get rich quick ads that state how much you can make, in days or weeks, RUN. If you can’t run, FLY. Blasting your business making outrageous claims of what you can make in a short period time is not marketing. It’s spamming…. Just don’t do it!

This is a growing document, to keep up to date  I try different methods and write blogs and link them back to this page. You can also get more up to date tips when you sign up for my newsletter here.

 Setting the Right Mindset

Network Marketing strategy # 1. Know your WHY. There has to be a strong reason why you are doing this business. You play all roles when owning an network marketing business and so much to learn therefore it can be overwhelming at times.

To start your journey in network marketing, have a strong reason for doing this. When the day comes, and there are many, your Why has to be strong.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Network Marketing strategy # 2.Time is money. No one knows this strategy more than business owners. You work, you get paid. And if you don’t work, well, no one will magically deposit a paycheck into your bank account twice a month. For most business owners, time management gives plenty of incentive to manage their time effectively. 

I need to take this moment to explain the difference between network marketing and internet marketing.

Online Business Models

When it comes to making money online, there are two major online business models. Network Marketing and Internet marketing. The difference in the two is network marketing is the distribution of products and services through a network of independent representatives.

Each representative is responsible to find people who are open to try the product and sponsor others to do the same.

Internet marketing is simply using the Internet to instantly communicate with hundreds of millions of hot prospects with the click of a button.

The Internet has absolutely blown down all of the old barriers to commerce. It allows you to create a business from scratch with free or almost free tools, technologies, and strategies that you simply would not have had access to otherwise. (I will go into more detail of the differences in a blog and link it to this page.)

My Network Marketing System

Network Marketing strategy # 3. So, now that we squared away the difference, the 3rd strategy is to have a duplicatable marketing system.

Internet marketers today blend the two specific marketing models into one making the best of both worlds. The advantage is access to a greater audience in less time.

We have merged internet marketing strategies such as the use of email marketing, personalization, lead generation, search engine optimizing and back linking.

Combined with social media  networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn video marketing and other platforms. (I am currently testing some scripts to use for Facebook and LinkedIn andwill post my results here)

Our network marketing system complement network marketing business by generating leads to continually build a list which is the heart of your business.

The truth don’t focus solely on your primary business to bring you monthly income. Look for other streams of income.  If not, you’re in for a long frustrating business and eventually becoming one of the 97% that fail.

By having a internet marketing system in place, you can reach the cold market and give you an option for another stream of income.

You must always remember to be the solution provider because people have needs and if you can come to them properly with the right message they’ll be interested in what you are doing.

Have Fun!

Network Marketing strategy # 4. Speaking personally, network marketing has become much more fun. People actually call you after they saw some information on the internet and wanted to learn more about what you do.

Finally, continue to sponsor people in your list and funnel. You definitely want to work with the people who have strong WHYs. It goes a long way in building solid business relationships and form everlasting friendships.

To your Success,

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