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Cellphone Radiation in Mobile Devices (EMR)

Cellphone radiation is also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Electromagnetic radiation are emitted from tablets, mobile, smart phones and other devices such as baby monitors, wifi boxes and power bars. They may be harmful for the human body.

Today in Canada, there are over 30 million cellphone subscribers. There are many studies outlining health risks related to cellphone electromagnetic radiation. Ongoing global research to determine the long-term effects of EMF on health continues.

In June 2016, the Standing Committee in Health received a Parliamentary report entitled, ‘RADIOFREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION AND THE HEALTH OF CANADIANS’ .

Given some of the concerns of the use of radiation emitting devices by children, the Government of Canada has recognized the need for further research and investigation into possible links between EMR exposure and cancer.

Laptops are not approved to be held in the laps of children


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