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My Story

“If you knew that in three years, there would be an emerging technology market worth 34 billion in new revenue. And, if you could have the number one technology product in the entire revenue space, wouldn’t you want to know about it?”


After 25 years, I retired from the Canadian Forces after which, I worked part time in the Network Marketing arena for 13 years. During that time, I also studied Internet marketing and owned an Local Internet Marketing Agency. In 2016, I retired from the workforce and left the marketing world to volunteer full time in our Community to help with acquiring a community centre.

Recently, I was contacted by my long time friend of the Network Marketing days. He introduced me to an opportunity that I could not let slide by. Five things you learn when considering the Network Marketing opportunity; timing, product, leadership, company and compensation.

This  leading product in a new emerging market of wearable technology where technology enters the health and wellness realm. A device that monitors all your bio-parameters. Learn more.


Kerry Johnson