Wearable Technology Opportunity

Wearable Technology Opportunity for Network Marketers

Wearable technology opportunity for the Newbie or veteran Network Marketer. Experienced Marketers know the importance of timing, great leadership and a new product. The most important piece is a good compensation plan. If you are looking into a new opportunity then check out the short video here.

wearable technology oportunity

A new wristband introduced into the health and wellness industry is stirring  up excitement. The device monitors your bio-parameters and alerts you when exceed set perimeters.

Visit to a Doctor on a regular basis won’t be necessary. They will already know your bio-parameters through reports emailed daily, monthly, yearly.

No Competition in a Class of it’s Own

Currently there are two models. One model was introduced just over a year ago. It checks your bio parameters from counting calories to checking your blood pressure.

The latest model monitors blood glucose level without sticking yourself with a needle. It also monitors your blood oxygen, body temperature and much more.

My favorite is it sends an alert via text or email and location to a loved one or your Doctor if you become distressed. Or they become distressed.

When you visit the doctor, they will have your history from your blood pressure, sugar trend, energy level, mood, etc. The Doctor will also be able to determine what food you can eat and how much.

Your whole lifestyle history is worn around your wrist.

If Doctors know your blood sugar levels, toxins, hormones, mood and free radicals, etc. then they could use nutrition, medicine, cancer prevention, and lifestyle changes. That could dramatically expand life .

If there was such a device for you , wouldn’t you want one for you and your family?